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Commonly Asked Questions

Does haze or moisture ruin the appearance of your insulated windows?

You’ve tried cleaning your windows from inside and out, yet the problem remains. Many fear the only solution to this aggravating problem is expensive window replacement. Good news! Esser Glass can correct the problem easily and inexpensively.

What causes the problem?

Insulated windows consist of two glass panes separated by a factory sealed air space. The seal is designed with a drying agent to absorb moisture which may be accumulating between the two drying pieces of glass. Occasionally, however, the seal will fail and allow moisture to be pulled into the airspace. When the drying agent becomes saturated, moisture forms between the glass panels. Over time, drying moisture leaves mineral deposits which appear white or “hazy.”

Sometimes there is no moisture at all. If I wait, will the problem just "go away" eventually?

The condition varies due to weather conditions and daily temperature fluctuations. The problem will not "go away" or correct itself.
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Are my insulated windows still working to save energy?

Once the seal is broken, most of the insulating value of the window is lost. You can expect utility costs to rise as a result.

Can you remove one of the glass panes and clean between them?

No. The seal between the panes should be permanent. Once it is broken, it cannot be repaired.

Must the entire window be replaced?

No, only the insulating unit must be replaced.
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